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All the activity set the boys murmuring to each other, “Here we go,” and “This is it.” For a second some of them looked down, bit their lips, like kids anywhere who were about to be punished. Inside I know some were panicking, feeling their nerve fail, even after all the training and preparation. Their instinct for survival was taking over. They wanted to beg for their lives, or hide in some cubby hole or ammo crate of our huge transport ship. But they didn’t do it. They sucked it up and believed they were ready. They weren’t. What can I tell you about these young guys standing out on the cold deck with me? I loved them as much as my own brothers… They were the kind of heroes I wanted to be, not the Medal of Honor showboat that Topside wanted me to be.

I’m Staying With My Boys, Jim Proser (via eindhoven)

August 04, 2011, 10:34pm / 23

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