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j-boychuk said: What are your thoughts and views on the Vietnam War? On LBJ? Also, have you read The Things They Carried? I'm reading it right now in my Sixties class and it's absolutely brilliant.

I have a lot of feelings on the Vietnam conflict since I”ve taken two courses on it, but generally it’s as follows:

  • It began as a French problem and should have stayed a French problem. Imperialism needed to die.
  • However, I can understand the fear that the Domino Theory instilled with the still unstable Far East.
  • All in all though, the USSR and China really helped drive the bus on allowing us to get involved.


  • He knew how to warp the Constitution, I’ll give him that
  • He was fantastic with social issues, tackling all the things JFK couldn’t get done, so A+

And yes, I have read it. It’s one of my favorites.

January 28, 2011, 5:40am / 7

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